October 2015

Max Factor was abandoned and found running the roads with fellow horses.  When he was rescued it was dark and the true picture did not become clear until a full examination the next day.

His feet were so overgrown he found it hard to walk and move around!  He was nothing apart from a small, skinny uncastrated little pony when he arrived at Blue Acre.  

Upon medical examination, he had liver damage and it was discovered that he had an extremely large worm burden, to the extent he was close to losing his life!

The team all knew that it would take months before they would see an improvement in Max Factors' health; but they were prepared for the long road ahead.

August 2018

Max Factor has always been a very sweet natured, bold, inquisitive character; giving bundles of love.  He is now part loaned by one of our volunteers.  The pair are a great match, having so much fun together both out and in the field and on the roads.  Max loves going on new adventures with his rider and (although we know she will grow too big for him eventually) the pair are the perfect match and continue to grow together - enjoying the joys of life.

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