Name of Equine: Teddy

Age: 3 years old

Height: 14.2hh

Colour: Chestnut



Teddy was rescued in October, 2015. He, along with 3 other horses, were found LOOSE on a main road.  Due to the circumstances it was very important the rescue worked quickly and effectively to ensure they were kept safe.  During the short time frame, Teddy was hit by a car in an attempt to scare the rescue off, but eventually all 4 horses arrived at Blue Acre safely.  

He was in a poor MALNOURISHED state, his feet were un trimmed, and he had cuts all over his body, this including a huge, OPEN HOLE in his hind fetlock, evidence of what the car had done. He was extremely nervous and close to being unhandlable. After a short period of time, with a lot of handling, care and medical attention he began to develop within himself.

Teddy was put on 3 feeds a day to increase his body mass and help him become stronger.  This was not easy!  When volunteers placed a bucket of feed in front of teddy he just stood SCARED and unfamiliar with the object in front of him.  This HORRIFIED us!  He didn't even know what hard feed was! Not dinner, not treats nor carrots.  The struggle began hand feeding him until he got a taste for these goodies and began slowly to eat normally from a bucket.

During his early rehabiliation stages, he was putting on very little weight compared to the others.  He was diagnosed with having LIVER DAMAGE so was put on medication for this to help repair it. 

Only 10 months on Teddy has developed so much!  He is confident within himself, learning day by day and is now loving cuddles and attention.
After developing a care plan for Teddy and working with him on a regular basis he is able to pick up all 4 feet, be groomed and touched all over his body and loves his treats.  It was a gentle process gaining his trust, teaching him that humans are friends not foe.  This stunning young boy has been introduced to tack, taking to new skills quickly and behaving himself the whole time.  
A volunteer from Blue Acre, Sue, is sponsoring Teddy behind the scenes but has also dedicated her time to helping rehabiliate him.  These 2 have developed a massive bond showing unconditional love from both parties. 
To help with him learning voice comands, Sue and the team are teaching him to long line; a skill that will help him when it comes to backing and breaking him.  Teddy did extremely well in his first session; continuing to make us even prouder as time going on! 

Teddy was our September star in 2016 and now coming into 2017 he is our star again for a whole different reason. 

This month Teddy reached an amazing level of rehabilitation and was backed!  For the first time he let a person sit on his back; this meant him having a huge amount of trust in us to keep him safe and unharmed. 

It was a huge success! He wasn't nervous or panicked when we start the process and even when our jockey mounted he remained calm.  After taking a few step he had completed a huge milestone in his adolescence and a leap into his future.  Watch our video below of his success.

The team couldn't be happier with how far he has come!  Special thanks to Sue for spending countless hours of her time loving and nurturing him; Caron for sharing her knowledge and helping show Teddy the correct path in life and to Donna for being the person who helped Teddy make these steps by being his first ever rider.

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