The smallest kindness can make a big difference

The vast majority of our funding comes from the kindness of the general public and their donations.

As you can imagine, caring for 100 animals isn't cheap. Feed and veterinary costs take up most of our funds and thats before we have looked at diy to repair tired stables and barns or replacing old fencing.

If you can spare any amount of money to help us out with these bills, we (and the animals) would be very grateful!

You can donate to us directly via bank transfer using the details below:

 Blue Acre Horse Rescue,   Metro Bank,   Acc: 36119934,   Sort: 23-05-80 


or pay via PayPal using our email address:

(If you do pay us via PayPal then please ensure you send it as 'friends & family' rather than for goods as we will incur transaction fees and loose part of your donation)