Flek was just a yearling when she came to Blue Acre in October 2015.  She was extremely nervous, scared and unhandled. Her feet were in such poor condition, there was even evidence that she has suffered an absess that went untreated and would have caused her extreme lameness.  With many veterinary investigations it was also discovered that this sweet natured girl had a large worm burden which resulted in suffering from a level of liver damage.


The team began to work with Flek, trying to re build her trust in humans and re-gain her health.  Veanne, one of the volunteers at the chairty fell in love with Flek immediately!  She saw the potential that Flek had and the love in her eyes, so she made the delightful decision to rehome her as her own! 

Flek's rehabilitation is going fantastically!  She has turned into such a well mannered, intelligent, kind loving lady!  


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