Bruno is our 25 year old stallion.  

Caron became his owner after saving him from an uncertain future when at auction.  He enjoys driving and used to be a great ridden pony; but now he is retired from riding and enjoying his golden years.

Here are some of Bruno's best moments:

The summer we got him strapped up again in the harness and took him out driving.  Bruno loved showing off his talent to all our new volunteers and enjoyed it immensely. 

Bruno being ridden by one of the volunteers, enjoying a short, relaxed ride in the light summer sun that both rider and pony enjoyed greatly.  

The Blue Acre team hope to be taking Bruno to show in veterian classes next year.  In previous years, he has done well in these classes and found it exciting going on a trip, meeting new friends and of course taking home a rousette.


The Blue Acre team took Bruno to show in-hand during the summer.  Like in previous years, Bruno loved being out and about and behaved perfectly.  He performed in the ring like a true star and ended up taking home a 3rd in the Section B class and then a 2nd place in the Veteran class; qualifying for the Regional Championships!  We were all extremely proud of him. 


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