Caron North: Co-founder, yard manager

Bob Regan: Co-founder and farm maintenance

Veanne Filkins: Rehoming and Rehabilitation Adviser

Sue Turner: Fundraising Manager


Our Volunteers:

They all work hard in many roles both off and on the yard, such as marketing, event organizing, fund raising, collecting donations, field and yard maintenance and rehabilitation. 

Our younger volunteers are aged between 9 - 15 years and they have gained so much confidence through their work down at Blue Acre. Daily yard duties include feeding, grooming, mucking out and learning about the care and responsibilities of our horses as well as learning how to trust in their own abilities and knowledge. They each have their own ponies that they love and care for and are learning how to "join up" with some of our newer and less experienced ponies, thus building more trust in themselves. We aim to match a horse or pony to each of our volunteers to allow each and every age build on their confidence. Blue Acre has become a family, which includes all kinds of animals and people. We are always in need of help with our daily duties and would invite people of all ages to join us on the weekends. There is more than enough farm work and horses to go around. 

Our thanks go out to: Donna, Courtney, Candice, Katie, Claudia and our lovely weekend/school holiday volunteers, Millie, Lucy and Alfie.

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