Summer on her arrival at the Rescue. (2014)

Summer has had a horrific past! When she came to us, she was diagnosed with having had a broken hip and front leg all before the age of one.  This resulted in her being extremely nervous of everything.  She would physically shake when a volunteer would approach her, tucking her bum in, terrified she was going to be smacked. 

Summer's overall condition was appalling, she was underweight and malnourished.  Her previous injuries meant that she had a lot of muscle wastage. The decision was made by Caron to give her a chance, monitoring any discomfort she had, helping her build her back up.  A couple of months passed and to everyone's surprise Summer's mobility increased, her range of movement improved and her lameness had disappeared! 

Summer being long-lined.  This was only her 3rd time, and her 1st time out alone!

July 2017 - Backing of Summer

Summer has blossomed in so many ways in the 2 years she has been with Blue Acre.  Her confidence has grown and her condition has improved. She is less nervous and enjoys the fuss she is given.  She has mastered the long rein and was backed into ridden work, she has created a special bond with one of our volunteers and they are, together working on a relationship and ridden work. 

Summer love's being fussed over.

The whole team are over the moon with how far Summer has come, we could only dream that we would reach this time in her rehabilitation where she would trust enough to have someone on her back.  No panicks, no shaking and no worry at all!  In that moment we all realized, her past was behind her, forever, and the new loving happy Summer could start her life.  

Ill let the pictures and video talk for themselves.

June 2018 - Ridden work.

We are still working closely with Summer on her trust and introducing her into new situations and environments for her development.  Summer recently attended 'riding school' where she learnt the basics of ridden work.  She did so fantastically in this, exceeding our expectations for her.  Due to her past, we still have our 'oops' days with Summer.  There are still those days that she has a little wobble in her confidence and gets confused with what we are asking of her.  We understand Summer completely, we know she needs small and often, making sure when she is unsure or confused we do not keep pushing her but take it back a few steps and re explain; re assuring her it is okay to make a mistake.  After all, she is still young, learning and is an amazing trusting horse even after everything she has been through.

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