Please check out our events and get in touch if you would like to come and support us, they are updated on a regular basis.

Race Night - February 2020

Calling for all our interested follower's and fans - we will be hosting a Race Night Event, where you will have the chance to meet the team and chat with us, ask all the questions you want. Family Friendly too We will be hosting betting on some old races, purple poppies at the entrance handed out as well as some music and laughter and a raffle to be won!! 

Hosted by the Blue Acre Team.

 Please do join us, enjoy the night, bet on some races, win some prizes

Location: Old Windsor Club - 46A St Luke's Rd, Old Windsor, Windsor SL4 2QJ

Doors open at 730pm First Race line up is at 8pm.  £2 entrance 

All proceeds will be going towards Blue Acre Horse Rescue so it will not be wasted time! 

Calendar's 2020

This year Blue Acre has had photo's taken of each of our horses and we have picked the best 12 for our 2020 calendar. NOW ON SALE for £5 and free delivery - they are landscaped A4 sized - to order get in contact with us via Facebook/Instagram or send us an email and we will get some details. 

Thanks so much in advance for all the support!

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