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Calendar's 2020

This year Blue Acre has had photo's taken of each of our horses and we have picked the best 12 for our 2020 calendar. NOW ON SALE for £5 and free delivery - they are landscaped A4 sized - to order get in contact with us via Facebook/Instagram or send us an email and we will get some details. 

Thanks so much in advance for all the support!


We are planning on running one of our famous race nights in February 2019. The date is TBC however the normal traditions of the nights are still going to be the same.  On race night it is FREE entry, with a chance to win big! 

There is a series of 8 races with 8 horses running in each race.  Races 1-7; the horses are all named, all you have to do is pick your winner.  Bets are placed; starting at 50p. 

Race 8 is a special race.  We auction off the horses.  People are then able to bet on the individual horses, exactly the same as the previous races.  When all horses are bought and the bets have been placed; they run the race.  For the owners of the 8 horses; if their individual horse wins then they win the amount raised from individuals buying the 8 horses.

It is a great night with tons of fun opportunities.  We also have a childrens race which they can participate in on the night.      


It is a night for us to get away from the cold, mud and rain outside, let our hair down and have a good time!  On this night we had Jean Claude singing, we ran a raffle and also a small auction.  As well as having a great night we were able to raise much needed funds to help towards the running cost of the farm.  With a total of £620 being raised we were able to pay off some of our vet bills and restock some of our feed supplies. 


We are lucky enough to be a part of the Windsor Lions Swimathon each year. 

This year; a bunch of us got together and raised a massive £1000! These sponsorships are collected in and then we will be presented with a cheque in the new year. 

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