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It needs to be said up front that we are a very small horse rescue charity, with limited funds and limited support in terms of manpower. Our true purpose is the rescue and care of abused and neglected horses and ponies rehabilitating them as far as possible within their own limitations.  We are not in the business of taking in unwanted ridden horses who might not perform to a required level and turning them around for a fee.  For this reason we have very few ready made riding horses/ponies, however we may have some that are being restarted and need bringing on so please take this into consideration when choosing the type of horse you might want to rehome.   


Many of our horses have suffered some sort of mental of physical trauma by the time they reach us and we often have no clue as to their background or experience with humans - we just know we have a very scared/sick/undernourished horse on our hands with little trust in humans. We take all of our new rescues back to basics and take things at their pace.  Our basic aim is for them to be happy to be caught and led from the field; stand to be groomed and for required hoof/vet treatment - anything else is a bonus.   


We have a responsibility to give these animals the best possible future and we only consider rehoming once they have undergone a period of rehabilitation to ascertain their safety and suitability.  We have a stringent rehoming policy to ensure the best possible forever homes are found.  We will never withhold any negative information about any of our horses to ensure that potential rehomers have a true picture of the horse as we know them.  

If you are interested in rehoming one of our horses please complete the short questionnaire below in the first instance to give us an idea of what you are looking for and one of our team will get back to you and let you know if we have anything suitable. (please note we rarely have horses suitable for jumping/dressage).  If we feel your application fits a horse/pony, we will invite you for a visit and introduce you to all suitable candidates.  If we find a good match you will be free to spend some time with the chosen horse, bring them in from the field; groom them and ride if applicable.  If there is interest in taking things further we would ask you to complete a further questionnaire, detailing the facilities available for the horse, along with other information.  If, after a few visits everyone is happy with the arrangement then a home visit would be made and references from suitable sources obtained.  If all is agreeable an adoption agreement will be issued and, once signed a payment of £250 - £350 would be payable depending on the type of adoption (companion or ridden) 

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