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Healing our animals

We were recently approached by Adam from Summers Animal Wellbeing who heard about our sanctuary from a friend of his that had volunteered for us. He called and offered his services to help heal some of our animals.

Here is how Adam explains what he does:

I do a series of natural holistic therapies that compliment vets services to help animals. Addressing physical or emotional issues that are typically related to emotions that cause stuck energy areas, which generally leads to behaviour and physical issues. This the same situation for people too, who I also treat.

The main approach is to use Energy Healing or Reiki as its more commonly known. This helps to release emotions by allowing the related energy to flow smoothly again, at the same time I connect with the animals soul and often get communication from them in a way we can understand in plain language. I learned this by doing many courses, rescue projects and 2 years of study, qualifying with a diploma in 2018.

Above: Adam treating Connie


Connie is a polo pony and new arrival who came with a diagnosed issue of string halt, which is a nerve related issue affecting her back leg movement and gait. During the session she guided me to heal her hind legs and sacral area. I also used some key acupressure points to help relieve the issue and help with energy flow. She did a lot of emotional and energy releasing during the session which is a very positive sign.

Above: Adam treating Connie

When Adam had finished treating Connie we noticed that she seemed to be walking and trotting much better straight after the session

Above: Adam treating Teddy


Teddy has a tendency to stand rigid in his hind quarters, due to fact he was sadly hit by a car. This emotional trauma meant he had stuck energy in his heart and legs. Hence that was my main focus to help him with. During the first session he guided me to heal his heart and hind legs and sacral area.

Above: Adam treating Teddy

We definitely noticed some improvements in his stance after the first treatment which continued to improve after the follow up session.


Berti the cockerel has had bad infection in both ears which was affecting his energy and well being. I did a session of healing with him to speed up his recovery and boost his energy. When he first sat on my lap he was shaking and also quite sedated and slow to move.

After 15 minutes of Reiki he came to life and ran off with lots of energy and noise showing that the healing was helping him. We also used an infrared device called a Photizo to help speed up the recovery of his ear infection which helps also to stimulate the serotonin levels and promote faster natural healing.

Above: Adam treating Bertie

Bertie seemed a lot perkier and less sedated after his treatment. This is a relief as he's normally the one running around being the boss and asserting his dominance on the others. He hadn't been like that for quite a while.


Beau had some issues with behaviour and would occasionally bite, was feisty when ridden and could be a little aggressive at times. During the session with him I got emotions of sadness and frustration which are often seen with thoroughbreds due to the way they are treated in the racing world. He needed work on the forehead (third eye) where he was holding the frustration and heart mainly to release the sadness.

Immediately after the session he was very relaxed and calm for a change whilst being groomed. Later that afternoon he cantered around the field full of happiness and freedom and is much calmer and happier now.

We were a little sceptical at first about how well this form of healing would work and how our animals would respond to this type of treatment. We are happy to say that we can definatley see a difference in the animals that Adam has treated and look forward to seeing continued improvements throughout their future treatments.

If you would like to speak to Adam or find out more about what he does then please head over to his website:

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